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New Song Community Church underwent a massive reorganization several years ago resulting in several campuses becoming autonomous churches which led to a sharp decline in attendance and an overall change in the church culture. Their existing website no longer accurately reflected the church and it used multiple features that no longer made sense given the changes. They were also looking to move away from the custom programming powering the existing site to something more template based that could be managed without needing to know how to write code.


I designed a set of desktop mockups illustrating the new look and features the church wanted to see on their new site. This includes:

  • A light rebranding, taking their iconic “NS” and removing it from a dated red grunge square and moving to a more stark black and white look. This rebranding will be rolled out to the rest of the church’s print and digital collateral when the new site goes live.
  • A radical departure in look and feel from the current site which is dark with heavy use of black, gray and red.
  • A move away from the traditional desktop navigation acknowledging the ongoing shift to mobile devices and to keep the look and feel as clean as possible.
  • Perhaps the biggest feature of these designs is that they can be built using out-of-the-box WordPress tools like Elementor along with plugins to support church-specific features like sermon audio. This was my effort to future proof the site from requiring someone with programming knowledge for upkeep. This is also the reason I did not provide any mobile mockups as they won’t be custom but rather determined by the site builder tools we use that manage the responsive views automatically.


The mockups have been approved and the new website is currently under development with plans to launch in spring 2020.
New Song
Home page layout
Event detail page layout
Basic interior page layout