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Digital Brochure / Project


Conceptualization, design and layout


Red Dot Digital Media has historically worked for larger clients like Facebook, IBM and Cisco. As the digital signage market has matured they’ve realized there are opportunities for lower price point clients like restaurants, condo towers, banks, and the like who are converting over to digital signage. The needs of these new clients are quite different and can often be fulfilled using more affordable templated options we developed.

Unfortunately they didn’t have any marketing assets to put in the hand of the hardware distributors (a key point of sales for the company) showing this new template option as well as their custom work. The result was lost profit due to spending an inordinate amount of time pricing low margin jobs using their established custom job workflow which involved distributors calling to discuss the project before getting a quote.


In concert with Red Dot’s effort to establish and streamline the template side of their business, as well as better equip their distributors to sell their services at set price points, I was tasked with designing a digital brochure that could be emailed to distributors and potential clients.

Using InDesign for layout and Photoshop to create composited images where actual project images weren’t available I designed a brochure¬†that uses clear and concise imagery and copy to delineate between the features available with custom and template screen designs. Some of the design concepts and features include:

  • Links to landing pages on the company website showing more template examples. This not only gave the client more information but also kept the brochure design clear from clutter.
  • Changing the aspect ratio to better serve the screens it would viewed on while still being printable.
  • Use of a large curve to harken back to Red Dot’s logo icon.
  • As the template side of the business was new I had to create most of the template screen designs used on the brochure. This was done with our template design tools in mind to ensure that what I designed could actually be built with the more limited tools available for templates.


The brochure has saved Red Dot money by enabling distributors to sit down with clients, walk them through options, and give them a price quote without involving the sales team.

Red Dot
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