Spiritual Formation Tool / Project

Role & Responsibilities

Conceptualization, branding, writing and editing, website design and development, print and digital collateral design.


New Song Community Church was a large church spread out over 5 campuses that didn’t have a coherent spiritual formation plan. Instead, each campus implemented their own third party solutions which always fell short of meeting aggressive targets for growth. Together with a small team of pastors and volunteers I helped to craft a novel solution to an endless and often needlessly complex pursuit – how to achieve spiritual growth within the Christian faith. 


The internal phrase we repeated as a team was “simple but powerful.” Most of our time was spent working towards this end. In the beginning we realized that the core of the Christian faith comes down to relationship and that within this idea are 3 key relationships that everything else stems from. These are a relationship with God, with the Church, and with the World.

From here we developed an online assessment with randomized questions we wrote in order to assess the strength of each of these three core relationships for the user. In order to bring the concept from somewhat abstract to practical we created 5 “rhythms” or markers within each relationship.

For example, here are the 5 rhythms for my relationship with God:

  1. Passion: Jesus and His mission drive my everyday decisions.
  2. Scripture: My life is directed by the Bible.
  3. Prayer: Conversations with God overflow to every area of my life.
  4. Obedience: I listen to the Holy Spirit and obey.
  5. Identity: I understand who I am in Christ and live accordingly.

After the concept had been developed adequately as a team it was up to me to brand the curriculum and develop all of the collateral needed (see photos below for some examples). The goal was that everything I designed would feel approachable and shareable no matter how long someone had been pursuing faith.

My idea to use simple contrasting colors was intentional so we could eventually expand the branding to every ministry and event at the church allowing people to easily look at an event and, based on color coding, understand which of the three relationships it’s going to assist in developing.


For the first time in the church’s 20 year history they have a cohesive and easy to use tool for spiritual formation. It was rolled out across the church in late 2017 and is now referenced every week as the main growth engine people should be using. Over 50% of the church have used the web-based assessment and the curriculum has been shared with many other organizations.

3R Portfolio
Pocketable die cut conversation starter card
3R signage
acrylic lobby signage
Floor to ceiling cloth banners and print collateral